Noise and Vibration matters. It affects each of us in our everyday lives from noise from the neighbours through to noise from the streets and air. Controlling noise is part of almost all construction and process plant projects. With the rules and regulations covering noise increasing in scope and complexity every year.

Within the built environment noise is considered at every stage, from Planning through design and into construction before very often testing the outcome on completion. At Hawksmoor, we strive to provide clear advice enabling the acoustic aspects to be integrated into a scheme, without compromising to other design and commercial objectives.  

With a 17 year track record, we have proved out abilities over a wide range of schemes, from some of the very largest through to small residential conversion schemes.

Our ability to cross discipline boundaries and practical focused approach has seen our input sought on numerous occasions to resolve problems during a project build.

Based in the Cotswolds, we provide advice throughout the UK, with current projects ranging from Edinburgh to Truro and all points between.

We are always pleased to provide initial advice, so contact us if we can help.


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